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I have a value in TimeSpan, let's say: tsp1 = 2 hour 5 minutes. I have another TimeSpan variable which contains a value like: tsp2 = 0 hours 2 minutes

Please tell me how I can divide tsp1 by tsp2 so that I can get the exact number of times tsp2 divides into tsp1 and what the remainder is.

I am using Visual Studio 2008.


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The simplest approach is probably just to take their lengths in ticks, and divide those. For example:

long ticks1 = tsp1.Ticks;
long ticks2 = tsp2.Ticks;

long remainder;
long count = Math.DivRem(ticks1, ticks2, out remainder);

TimeSpan remainderSpan = TimeSpan.FromTicks(remainder);

Console.WriteLine("tsp1/tsp2 = {0}, remainder {1}", count, remainderSpan);
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a div b:

double adivb = (double)a.Ticks/b.Ticks;


i found another post on th same topic

How can I achieve a modulus operation with System.TimeSpan values, without looping?

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double x = tsp1.t.TotalSeconds / tsp2.t.TotalSeconds;

And maybe convert to int.

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