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Hii All,

I want to load a new page when following method is called....I am using the following code..

(void)webView:(WebView *)webView decidePolicyForNavigationAction:(NSDictionary *)actionInformation request:(NSURLRequest *)request frame:(WebFrame *)frame decisionListener:(id )listener
  [[myWebView mainFrame] loadRequest:someRequest];

but this method is called multiple times and my application crashes if i use [listener use] instead of loadRequest it works fine but launches the url clicked . but i want to load some other url how is it possible?

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It's called multiple times as you say, so you have to pay attention to this:
[actionInformation valueForKey: @"WebActionNavigationTypeKey"]

That value should be one of the WebNavigationType enum:

You will get WebNavigationTypeLinkClicked first as a result of a link clicked, and here you can decide whether to load the page clicked or something else.
Immediately after you get WebNavigationTypeOther which is the page load, and you can ignore it.

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You should simply add [listener ignore] method call.

- (void)webView:(WebView *)webView decidePolicyForNavigationAction:(NSDictionary *)actionInformation request:(NSURLRequest *)request frame:(WebFrame *)frame decisionListener:(id )listener
    [listener ignore];
    [[myWebView mainFrame] loadRequest:someRequest];
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Well, in this method it is mandatory to return a value. You're supposed to decide if you accept or not this url. So if the WebView is going to a page you don't want, you should return ignore.

And have the webView go to your other url: [myWebView setMainFrameURL:otherUrlStr]


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