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Can some one tell me how to call JDialog from a JInternalframe?

public class BSJFrameUpdateOnlineTrdDlg extends JInternalFrame {

public BSJFrameUpdateOnlineTrdDlg(JDesktopPane jdesk) { //constructor
    super("Backoffice Synchronization");
     jdeskTop = jdesk;
     frame = this;
    try {

    catch (Exception e) {
    setLocation(400, 200);
    setSize(720, 570);

private void jbInit() throws Exception {
 jButton1.addActionListener(new jButton1_upload_action());
this.getContentPane().add(jButton1, null);


 class jButton1_upload_action implements ActionListener{
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {

 public void displayDialog(JInternalFrame frame,String status){
     JDialog jdg = new JDialog();
     //this is where the JDIalog get initiated


this is what I'm currently having. I have inserted only most important code lines.

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So what is your problem? You have code to create the dialog but you don't have code to display it. – camickr Nov 29 '10 at 16:23
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It looks like your already calling it? Are you just trying to make it visible?

public void displayDialog(JInternalFrame frame,String status){
     JDialog jdg = new JDialog();
     //...add the guts of the dialog

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opps.. now I got the point. In my code I had setVisible(true), not jdg.setVisible(true). I have changed it. Now it works fine. Earlier it doen't appear. thanks dude – nath Nov 30 '10 at 2:54

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