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I have a MPMoviePlayer, which need to work on all iOS from 3.1 and forward. I modify the showing of controls based on the iOS version but I always use the default controls (ie setting control style for iOS 3.2 and 4 models, and control mode for 3.x versions).

A strange issue happens on the iOS 3.2+ MoviePlayer. The Rewind button is displaced some 5 or ten pixels up making it unaligned with the rest of the buttons.

Since this is handled by boxed frameworks, I don't have much more info to give you at the moment, but if someone has encountered the same issue, and preferably found a solution to the issue, please point me in the right direction.


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Ok so in this case it turned out that my attempt to change content type and controlStyle didn't turn out very well. One solution I found if this issue appears is to create a completely new instance of the MPMoviePlayer and setting up the controlStyle accordingly...

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