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I need to use my .htaccess file to redirect the users to a jquery-mobile-powered version of my site. For technical reasons, I can't rely on doing the redirect using php or ruby or any other language.

So I'm basically trying to translate the list of jquery-mobile supported browsers to something a bit more condensed user-agent list (maybe a regexp).

Does such a list / regexp exist?

Note: I'm looking for a way to answer yes/no to the question "Is the user using a jquery-mobile-supported browser?" Please don't answer with generic browser identifiers/lists, such as wurfl or zyntrax's mobile list, unless they include a jquery-mobile specific section.

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Here is the full browser list jquerymobile supports


sorry, but I do not have regex

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I already knew about that list. It is actually linked on the question. I wanted to know about a more explicit list (at least with the user agents used ...) –  kikito Nov 29 '10 at 14:09

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