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How do I retrieve the value (Int32.MaxValue) from the static extension:



<blablalba TooltipService.ShowDuration="{StaticResource TooltipTimeout}"/> <-- this does not work by the way

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Methinks you're doing something else wrong. Slap this in kaxaml:

  <x:Static x:Key="Derp" Member="sys:Int32.MaxValue"/>
    ToolTipService.ShowDuration="{StaticResource Derp}" 
    ToolTip="Derp" Text="Herp"  />

Mod tested, mother approved.

If I had to guess, I think you're not defining your xml namespace for Int32 correctly.

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In WPF, You can access static member directly, like this,

<TextBlock TooltipService.ShowDuration="{x:Static s:Int32.MaxValue}"/> 

However, you cannot do the same in Silverlight, as it wouldn't work. In silveright, you've to write a wrapper class, like this,

public class StaticMemberAccess
      public int Int32Max { get { return Int32.MaxValue; } }
      //define other wrapper propeties here, to access static member of .Net or your classes

Then do this in XAML,

   <local:StaticMemberAccess x:Key="SMA"/>

<TextBlock TooltipService.ShowDuration="{Binding Source={StaticResource SMA}, Path=Int32Max}"/> 


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Try to bind to your resource by setting it as the Source of your binding:

{Binding Source={StaticResource TooltipTimeout}}
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