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I am compiling and running some java code on a remote machine via ssh. I code on my laptop, commit to an svn repository, then update the remote working copy and re-compile the updated source files (both machines are running Linux). I've noticed that if I change a print statement in my code the output on the remote will not change. The source, however, is updated correctly. I suspect the problem is with my build script, which is pasted below:

cd $HOME/WindowsProfile/Desktop/torcs/versioned/anjiTest
export MYCLASSPATH=$HOME/WindowsProfile/Desktop/torcs/versioned/anjiTest/properties
for i in `ls $HOME/WindowsProfile/Desktop/torcs/versioned/anjiTest/lib/*.jar`


rm -R build/classes/*

javac -sourcepath ./src/ -classpath $MYCLASSPATH  ./src/A/*.java -d ./build/classes 
javac -sourcepath ./src/ -classpath $MYCLASSPATH  ./src/B/*.java -d ./build/classes 
javac -sourcepath ./src/ -classpath $MYCLASSPATH  ./src/C/*.java -d ./build/classes 

My application relies on a large number of external libraries, which come as jar files- these are included in the classpath. I have physical access to the remote machine and I also noticed that if I build on it using NetBeans 6.9 the same problem occurs from time to time.


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Resolved. The script above is fine.

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