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I'm trying to find/create a plugin for vim's NERDTree that will allow a shortcut to inserting HTML image tags.

Perhaps something like the solution shown here: VIM browser plugin to execute commands on files

Only I can't get this to work - looks like it uses a perl script to invoke ImageMagick to determine the image dimensions and then generates an HTML tag. This script is not shown in the solution :(

Would be nice if the script would allow a selection of (multiple) images, and auto-pasted the resulting HTML into the last used position of the last used window.

Anyone know of an existing plugin like this, or steer me in the right direction?

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Actually I used to do:

 :e /directory/where/are/images

(this gives me a buffer with directory contents, then)


(selects line(s))

 :%s:.\+:<img src="&" />:

(converts the file names to img tags...)


(all the lines are selected, copied to a register, which can be pasted anywhere...)


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over here, vim image placement

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