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I am using WiX 3.6 and VS2010. I have a 32-bit installation working and I'm trying to get a 64-bit installation working.

  • I set the Platform to "x64" in the Configuration Properties.
  • I set the Platform attribute in the Package tag to "x64" in the install script.
  • I changed the installation directory from "ProgramFilesFolder" to "ProgramFiles64Folder".
  • I added the attribute Win64="yes" to each component.

I thought this was enough to generate a 64-bit MSI, but it still insists on installing everything in "Program Files (x86)" instead of "Program Files".

What am I missing?

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My mistake. It was building the 64-bit version just fine, but I was testing an old x64 build which had not been correctly marked as x64. Once I had the x64 version building correctly, the resulting MSI was placed in bin/x64/Release but I was still testing the version in bin/Release. It pays to occasionally delete all your output files and rebuild.

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