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Does any body know how can I create a C# project at runtime, add classes to it and compile it to generate a dll.

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Do you need a visual-studio project, or just to compile the code? – Ian Ringrose Nov 29 '10 at 14:05
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If you just want to compile code and generate a dll, see cdhowie's answer.

If you want to have a complete project file at the end, you can create a csproj file through XML or Text output, which points to the code (and other) files you want to include, then execute "msbuild myproject.csproj".

Open a .csproj file for a project you have with notepad, the structure isn't complicated.

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If you are interested in creating dynamic classes for your own use the have a look at System.Reflection.Emit namespace. You can create assembly full of types on the fly.

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