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Does anyone know any good online embedded software programming with C or assembler resources? Google's not really helping out with its search.

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Microchip has free (student version) compilers, and lots of app notes.

Embedded System Programming magazine/website has articles, forums, etc.

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Check out Embedded.com as well as Jack Ganssle's collection of articles. Well worth the read. EmbeddedRelated.com is also a good resource with access to various newsgroups archives.

To get familiar with a microcontroller it is always helpful to grab a datasheet, e.g. the Freescale S12X offers a wide variety of functionality (from CAN, SCI etc.). Search Freescale's website for more information.

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You might have more luck if you choose one of the microcontroller families. In my view AVR is a good point to start, see also this answer.

I also recommend Embedded.com.

Edit: If you speak German then check out mikrocontroller.net.

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