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I just installed MOgenerator 1.21 for use with Xcode 3.2.5 (on an iOS project if that's relevant).

I can run the mogenerator command from the terminal fine. But I can't seem to have xmod work.

mdfind reports xmod is :


So it looks like it's installed correctly. I also quitted and restarted Xcode.

As documented (included in a very similar question that left me puzzled), I added "xmod" to the comment pane in my xcdatamodel info page, as illustrated in the following image:

the comment on this window reads "xmod"

Now, whether I build my project, modify my xcdatamodel or both, nothing new happens: no file is generated, nor added to my project, no new output is in my build log.

So how am I supposed to "launch" xmod? Is xmod supposed to let me know somehow that it ran? Where should I look? Is it supposed to appear in a new build phase?

I am puzzled and I'm not sure what to try.


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How to show info page? In xcode 4. If I right click a file I do not see info page. –  Jim Thio May 11 '11 at 15:24

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I added a second line to the comment pane, with the --output-dir parameter. The comment pane now reads:

--output-dir MOs

And now it starts working: it generates the files and they show up in the Xcode project.

Why wasn't that explained anywhere? No idea...

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Xmo'd 1.21 introduced a bug where it wouldn't create your MO src folder for you if it didn't already exist. --output-dir is just a work-around.

The fix has been committed and will be in mogenerator/Xmo'd 1.22

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