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I was debugging in the .Net framework source code suddenly when I stepped into a file of theirs, visual studio 2010 raised this error:

File Load:
Some bytes have been replaced with the Unicode substitution character while loading file XXX, Saving the file will not preserve the original file contents.

when I click OK, the file is marked as unsaved, and when you try to save it, it says that the file is locked, but I can overwrite the file. I don't know what does this message means.

And why now, not the first time when visual studio downloaded the file from Symbol server?

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Are you using the "debug assemblies" feature of .Net Reflector? –  Tim Lloyd Nov 29 '10 at 18:36
@chibacity probably the MS reference source since he talked about downloads from the symbol server –  CodesInChaos Nov 29 '10 at 20:00
@CodeInChaos Yeah, I thought the OP would realise if it was that though as you have to manually set it up. Coming to think of if, I don't think Reflector PRO downloads debug symbols for Framework stuff. –  Tim Lloyd Nov 29 '10 at 20:13
guys, I just enabled the (Enable .Net Framework source stepping) feature, in visual studio 2010, and it did the rest for me. –  Nour Sabouny Dec 1 '10 at 8:59

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well i used notepad++ and edited every file in the project in the end of every file there is NullNullNullNull line remove it and click ctrl+S do this to all files it will help i know it helped me

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I met the same problem. it seems vs2010 is trying to read the source file using wrong encoding. I open the file with editpad and convert it to utf-8, and it becomes ok.

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I'm using the SVN *.tmpl template file for version numbers, and it contains the (c) copyright symbol. VS 2010 complains about this when it generates the AssemblyInfo.cs file from the AssemblyInfo.tmpl file.

So I replaced the copyright symbol with "(c)" and the error message went away.

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I've just faced the same problem. It needs to open a file a save it back again. I guess some kinda tool that could do that in a batch will do the trick.

upd: Actually seems that's not helping... Looking for another solution

upd2: Resaving a file actually helps, but you have to disable this option:

Debugging\General\Require source files to exactly match the original version

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i got this error in vs 2013 when i pasted html code from web and it used this symbol ♦ , if you need utf-8 encoding in your page check this, hope helps someone. –  stom Apr 23 at 8:25

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