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I am developing a web browser in java . To parse the HTML page into a DOM document then to render it I use an API "cobra" . But it is not cookie enabled . So I have to manage it by myself. I create a class that can collect cookie from web-page . That is not my problem. But the problem is that when I click in log-in button of a website that need cookie to log-in like facebook (because log-in button is a java-script button so my browser has to implement the java-script function .But that API can also handle java-script function) as an event of button clicking the API internally create a connection to server and send the data. But I need to create that connection to the server for setting cookie. Because the API internally create the URL-Connection ( The API has no method to set property to URL-Connection ) .So how can I send cookie with URL-connection . If you have any better idea that can solve my crisis plz share with me.

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You've not posted any code that makes a request, but I think what you need to do is this:

URLConnection conn = you get a connection from somewhere...;
conn.setRequestProperty("Cookie", "cookieName=cookieValue");

See here for more details, Also you may want to research cookies a bit to make sure your implementation is secure and works.

Also, remember that javascript is allowed access to cookies through document.cookie.

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I know how to set cookie property . That is not my problem . My problem is how can I know when the button is clicked because when button is clicked I have to create URL-connection .then I can use setProperty method. – Diptopol Dam Nov 29 '10 at 17:37

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