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I have to make a simple workflow tool for a client, but flash/java/clientside are not allowed (it has to work on an iPad and they don't allow app installations on their desktop systems). I found this app http://www.lucidchart.com and i'm searching for an open source version or tutorial or some pointers on how this was done. I find stuff about drag & drop , but that's mostly for dragging files etc and I found things about SVG and so on, but that's all for static charts.

Can anyone here help me?


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Creating a workflow tool similar to LucidChart using JS & canvas is a big undertaking, especially without in-depth knowledge of how to utilize canvas and javascript (drag & drop) together. If your client has a tight budget, I'd recommend they use a service such as LucidChart rather than you trying to make it.

If you plan on making it, you'll primarily want to learn how to draw things in canvas.

Edit: Check out libraries such as Raphael and Processing.js

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Thank you for the answer. I am a good programmer with in depth knowledge of GUI programming for DOS, Windows, Linux and Java (Swing and AWT). I'm just looking for pointers to pick up this kind of knowledge faster than going totally from scratch. Raphael seems interesting for that though, I'll study it, thank you. –  CharlesS Nov 29 '10 at 20:01
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Here are 16 JavaScript libraries for visualizations:


I would also recommend MindFusion's JsDiagram.

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