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I am getting the key press of each word and I need to make an autosuggest in a combobox. My code is the following:

    <window border="normal" apply="org.test.test" id="win" >
    <combobox id="combo" autodrop="true"/>

The GenericForwardComposer:

public class test extends GenericForwardComposer{
   Combobox combo; //ZK Auto Wired , use combo directly

   public void onChanging$combo() { // ZK Autoforward (Awesome !!)

   public void suggest() {   


This is not printing the first key when I press a key. Can I please get some help to know why????

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When onChanging is received, the value of combobox is not changed yet. You have to get the value from the event

public void onChanging$como(InputEvent event) {
    event.getValue(); //<- the value of combobox being entered so far
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you saved my life...thankyou –  ramu Dec 6 '10 at 3:52

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