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this is the log on a specific project: [2010-11-29 18:18:39 - A_world] Uploading A_world.apk onto device 'HT057PL10308' [2010-11-29 18:18:39 - A_world] Installing A_world.apk... [2010-11-29 18:18:44 - A_world] Success! [2010-11-29 18:18:44 - A_world] \A_world\bin\A_world.apk installed on device [2010-11-29 18:18:44 - A_world] Done!

on every project except this one it will compile and open the project on the phone but this do nothing on my phone and i cant find the app on my phone. (this failure is only on this project)

why isnt the app installed or open on the phone (on this specific proj)?

thank you!

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Did you specify CATEGORY_LAUNCHER (so that is appears in launcher) or CATEGORY_DEFAULT in the manifest for any activity?

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OMG! thank you! i feel so dumb! xD a big thanks! –  carefacerz Nov 29 '10 at 17:50

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