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I'm working on a site, where I have 3 images of an item displayed, but there are can be more than 3 images of an item. I want to use fancybox to display them, but I couldn't figure out how it could be done.

I know how to create a gallery "manually", but I don't know how to add images manually to an existing gallery which is identified by a class.


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It doesn't look like there are any methods in Fancybox for programatically adding an image to a gallery. Perhaps you could contact the author and request it, or you could modify the script.

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I just set display to none on the other images and it did the trick. – Tom Nov 29 '10 at 18:21

You will need to recreate the fancybox gallery each time you add a new image. As simshaun said, there is no method for adding new images to an existing fancybox gallery.

From the Fancybox example page, you need to have the same ref parameter on each image in order to create the gallery.

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<div style="display: none;"> <a class="fancybox-effects-c"
href="images/test.jpg" data-fancybox-group="groupname" ><img
src="test.jpg"  alt="" /></a> </div>

This should work as the image will be there and added to the fancybox but just not shown.

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