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Possible Duplicate:
Best C++ IDE for *nix

Which IDE for Gnome version of Ubuntu is the best for C++ development?

So far I'm using Anjuta but I am curious if there is anything better.

It would be a plus if it also supported other languages like Python/PHP.

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I think Eclipse + CDT is the best you can get on Linux. It's pretty stable and performance not that bad. And you get all the bonuses like suggestions, type hierarchy, etc.

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Definitely kdevelop. It's a KDE app, so if you're fine with downloading KDE libraries, then I highly suggest KDevelop.

alt text

It supposedly has really good PHP support, and some beta support for python, but I haven't tried either.

For python I use pydev on Eclipse.

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+1 - KDevelop's far nicer for C++ than either Eclipse or Netbeans IME – Stuart Golodetz Nov 29 '10 at 18:11

You might want to look into using Eclipse with Eclipse CDT or Netbeans with Netbeans C++ features

Eclipse can work with PHP and Python

Netbeans has a Python plugin and PHP plugin.

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Eclipse CDT. Best there is for C++ in terms of features (the second after that is Visual C++ Enterprise with some third-party commercial plug-ins like VAX, but that's not for Linux); you also have plugins for PHP, Python, whatever you need.

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I have netbeans working fine. I prefer it over many others, but I still revert to using a command line and text editor often. It can handle c++ and python. Don't really know about php.

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