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It is possible to set query to compare all records in table in lowercase?

Example: I want to build query:

SELECT * FROM items WHERE LOWER(item.title) LIKE (%abc%)

but with Like object in Mapper i can't say that item.title has to be lowerCase.

Like(Item.title, "%" + searchText.toLowerCase + "%")

Simply - user inserts ABC into search field and i want to view him in results item aBc also.


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i found right solution:

to complete all my findings - here are all right solutions for future generation ;)

Cmp(Item.title, OprEnum.Like, Full("%abc%"), None, Full("LOWER")) 


BySql[Item]("lower(title) LIKE ?", IHaveValidatedThisSQL("Kajo", "101129"), "%aBc%".toLowerCase)
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