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Does anyone know of a windows build of mod_throttle for Apache 2.2 or lower?

Or perhaps another means by which to throttle bandwidth. I need to throttle as low as 64k for a local speed test demonstration

Preferably Apache rather than a browser plug-in too.


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I'm not familiar with mod_throttle, but I just tried Traffic Shaper XP, it went as low as 33K (it might be able to go lower). I actually "found" the answer to your problem in another stack overflow post. I've needed a tool like this in the past but had never found a good one (but this one looks good). One last note, I didn't want to mess with my network stack on my dev machine, so I used a Virtual PC Win XP image (I use these for testing various versions of IE).

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Yo may try mod_bandwith as explained here.

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