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Say I have an online catalog which contains (for our purposes) 2 tables:


id name


id category_id name

If I wanted to link to a specific category -- say for instance, the most important category for any given section of the site -- without hard-coding IDs, what would be the best practice for this? Would I use some type of "SLUG" column that is assigned upon category creation and can't be modified?


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It can be accomplished several ways, as is the case with most things, but creating a column to contain a url-friendly version of the category name is one option. I can't say it's the "best" solution though, because it depends on the situation.

What's the problem with giving an ID number in the URL though (e.g. /22-blah-blah-blah)? I prefer doing it that way so I can change the title part without breaking people's bookmarks. Not sure how that goes for SEO, but it doesn't seem to have hurt me so far.

My CMS has a routing table that encompasses multiple entity types (products, pages, etc..) rather than relying on multiple tables for routing information.

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Yeah, currently I have the slug column in the tables, which is what I'm linking to. Just wondering how it would be handled if the admins should decide that the category deserves a new name. –  Mike Nov 29 '10 at 19:52
If they must change the category name, I say let them and then alter the URL. You could go so far as to implement a sort of "history" table to provide routing for old URLs (so you could redirect the old name to the new name.) –  simshaun Nov 29 '10 at 20:46

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