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I want to use aloha editor, but it licensed as AGPLV3. I read through the complete documentation, but I am not able to fully understand the licensing terms.

Lets say I operate a website, where I use aloha editor for site's users to update their profile using aloha's editor. I will not charge users for any service offered on site. But I would use information in the profile to send them relevant information(basically ads..). I would charge advertisers a nominal fee for the same.

So, would it come under commercial distribution of the code?

My site's terms & conditions I clearly state the data I collect from users is for my site use only and will not be distributed to any other third party.

So using aloha editor would cause any deviation from same.

I appreciate any help.


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As far as any version of the GPL goes, there is no distinction between commercial and non-commercial distribution of the code. If you distribute, you need to do so under the same license, and with copies of the source code.

Since this is the Affero version, if you use aloha on the server side of your website, it still counts as distribution, and you need to provide the source code. You may not make your own changes to the source code and keep them private. If you're just using it, this should be easy; you can probably get away with pointing people to where you got aloha.

There is no requirement whatsoever to distribute any data. This is source code only.

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Thanks for your quick response. I understand If I am just using aloha editor and not make any changes to the source code. I should be fine. Thanks again. – Josh R Nov 29 '10 at 19:17

I agree with David and would like to add.

If you do not change or make derived work you do not need to publish anything.

You need to publish

  • changes to Aloha Editor, to your users as "source code"
  • "derived work" from Aloha Editor, to your users as "source code"

The changes or derived work can be made available, for example, as a download in the legal notices on your website.

My interpretation of following AGPLv3 terms regarding Javascript code:

  • "source code" are all single files as in the github repository.
  • "object code" are minified, combined or any with any other method modified "source code” files
  • "derived work" are all plugins or extensions connected with aloha Editor using the Aloha Editor API or other methods

If you don’t want to publish changes or derived work to your users you may buy a commercial license.

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Please note that this answer comes directly from the Aloha-Editor project leader! – Inshallah Dec 22 '10 at 12:39
I'm a bit confused what "derived work" actually is: Would you just consider javascript plugins/extensions as "derived work" or also a server-side script processing data coming from aloha editor? – Bernhard Vallant Mar 14 '12 at 17:15

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