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I take all items (e.g advertisements) from a tree using CTE (here), but I'm wondering about two things - the hardest part:

1) is it somehow possible to get all category names of the found advertisements ? (in the recursive CTE query, look at the hyperlink above)

2) And (optional) how to get the total found advertisement's count of the each category ? I mean, let's say I found 6 items from 3 categories and I'd like to see the result in that way

category1 (6) -\
|               category3 (4)
category2 (2)

Any ideas will be so helpful

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The answer includes a link to an article explaining things - have you considered reading that link? –  OMG Ponies Nov 29 '10 at 19:25

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for the first question you need to go from down to up, it could be resolved with changing querying order ex:

with CTE (id, pid, name) 
select id, parentid as pid,name
from category
where id = @lowLevelCategory
union all
select CTE.pid as id , category.parentid as pid, category.name
from CTE 
inner join category 
on category.id = CTE.pid
select * from ss

for the second one: you can calculate only count of sub items, but not summ and you need some function for this calculations, because grouping or subselecting can't be in recursive part

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