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If I want to perform some action when an entity is saved, I can do something as described here.

However, suppose I retrieve an object from the database. This object has a list of items within it. If I instantiate a new item and add it to this list and then save all changes, the item in the list is not part of the "GetObjectStateEntries".

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your question makes no sense, please clarify what you trying to do with some example code. also are you by any chance using POCO's or self-tracking entities? or are you using "off the shelf" Entity Framework (code generation) –  RPM1984 Nov 29 '10 at 21:19
@RPM1984 Sorry if my question confuses you. There is a link in my question to a relevant MSDN article. If you understand that article you might understand my question. –  Pedro Nov 30 '10 at 14:43

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The problem for my situation, I believe, has been resolved. There appears to be a bug, in my opinion, in the ObjectContext.SaveChanges(SaveOptions) method. Even though this method will call DetectChanges (depending on the saveOptions), the OnSavingChanges method is called FIRST. This, I think, is a problem.

The solution to this is to call ObjectContext.DetectChanges() prior to calling SaveChanges().

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