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I wrote a c# app that listens to port 8000 and 8001.

There are two different applications that connects to 8000 and 8001. I have used socket arrays so that any number of connections are accepted.

Will I be able to some how attach one 8000 connection and 8001 connection in such a way that what ever data send by the application connected at 8000 will be received by the app at 8001 and vise versa. What is this concept known as ? sorry if this is a very basic question.

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That sounds quite a bit like a proxy or a tunneler.


In which case, yes this is entirely possible.

Though, if you're allowing multiple connections on both ports how will you know which connection goes with which? Say there are connections A, B and C on 8000 and X, Y and Z on 8001. Does the data from A go to Y and visa versa or does the data from B go to Y and visa versa?

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A or B or C connects to any one of X or Y or Z depending on a predefined table of IP addresses... So.. Can I get a suggestion of such a simple port proxy free software ? –  Nik Matt Jan 12 '09 at 14:13

In Java there are PipedInputStream and PipedOutputStream. Maybe the C# library offers something similar?

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