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I have the following data structure:

{:file #<File />, :resolution {:width 1280, :height 1024}}

I would like to write a function that destructures the :resolution key into width and height symbols. Something like

(defn to-directory-name [{{:keys [width height]}} wallpaper]
  (str width "x" height))

Is something like that possible with destructuring?


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You must first destructure :resolution, then get width and height:

{{:keys [width height]} :resolution}
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How can I destructure from within two different nested keys of the same map? e.g. {{:keys [a b]} :query-params} and {{:keys [c d]} :path-params} simultaneously, from the same request map – Dustin Getz Jan 7 '15 at 17:09
Just put them in the same {}: {{:keys [a b]} :query-params {:keys [c d]} :path-params} – Arjan Jan 7 '15 at 17:22
(defn to-directory-name [{{width :width height :height} :resolution}] 
  (str width "x" height))

Works for me.

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