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I am wanting to create a custom post type called testimonials, for this I am wanting to allow the administrator that chance to add a company name/username and what testimonial they have given, I understand I can do this by declaring a custom post-type in my functions.php file, however it does not seem to work and all I get is the normal post fields, can someone tell me where I am going wrong, or how I would do this please?

 function testimonials_register() {
 $args = array(
  'label' => __('Testimonials'),
  'singular_label' => __('Testimonial'),
  'public' => true,
  'show_ui' => true,
  'capability_type' => false,
  'hierarchical' => false,
  'rewirte' => true,
  'supports' => array('title', 'editor')

 register_post_type('testimonial', $args);
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You spelled rewrite wrong, for starters.

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