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   string code = @"
   print 'test = ' + test
   class MyClass:
       def __init__(self):

       def somemethod(self):
           print 'in some method'

       def isodd(self, n):
           return 1 == n % 2

Is that '@' part of C# or is that something added by IronPython? If the latter, how do you do that in C#, some kind of operator overloading (basically could I then make '@' do whatever I want, etc)? Example implementation would be great. Otherwise, what's going on here?

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@"" is a verbatim string literal in C#. That is, escape characters inside it are not interpreted.

In this case, the python code is being stored in the C# code string variable, and then is compiled into a CompiledCode from a ScriptSource using a ScriptEngine (which is itself created using Python.CreateEngine()).

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thanks, I was having trouble searching for '@ C#' in Google –  ioSamurai Nov 29 '10 at 20:57
string path = @"C:\Sweet\now\I\can\use\backslashes\without\writing\them\all\twice.txt"
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The @ is part of the C# code. It means that the string is a verbatim string literal. The string holds the Python code to be executed.

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