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If I'm using Freebase Suggest ( ) and I have one field that selects either Country or State, how do I then have another field "City" filter to display only cities in that Country or State?

Also, if someone selected as their State "New York" ("/en/new_york"), how would I query to find out the "Country" is "United States of America"?

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Unfortunately, this isn't as easy as you'd hope. You can look at the /location/location/contained_by property of the city and see if /en/united_states (or whatever you're looking for) is included in there. However, this won't give you all the answers you're hoping for - for example, if you look at /en/new_york you'll see that it's contained by /en/new_york_state, but there's no direct link to /en/united_states.

You can look at /en/new_york_state and find that's contained by /en/united_states, but there's no easy way to do that kind of "transitive" search in Suggest.

The only thing you can do is to use the "included" MQL extension, but that relies on correct geodata being present in Freebase.

With regards to New York (State) being part of the United States, just look at the /location/administrative_division/country.

Hope this helps!

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