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Our Varnish VCL has rules to stop it caching certain calls and pass them straight to the back end e.g:

  1. AJAX tracking
  2. AJAX customization
  3. cron

Will these calls impact the hit ratio stats (since Varnish can never cache them) or is Varnish clever enough to discount them since I'm intentionally not caching them?

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Varnish is clever enough to dicount them: you can only get a cache-miss if you try to look-up something in cache so a pass does not count.

Have a look at :

The actual numbers in hitrage average is how many cache hits you have, compared to cache misses. Keep in mind that “pass” in vcl_recv is not a cache miss, so you can have a hitrate average of 1.0, and still see backend requests.

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Ah excellent. Thanks ivy. – Paul Nov 30 '10 at 23:24

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