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I want to include different directories in my build based on whether a #define is declared in a .h file in my project. Is this possible or am I going about this completely wrong?

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Yes you are. The build system is supposed to configure the code, not vice-versa. You should use a configure script for this kind of options (or probably switch to a higher build system: autotools, CMake, QMake...).

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The other answers have explained why this is a bad idea. Nonetheless, one way to do it is by preprocessing a makefile fragment:

In foo.mk.in:

#ifdef FOO

In Makefile:

foo.mk: foo.mk.in
    $(CPP) $(CPPFLAGS) -o $@ $<
include foo.mk
ifeq ($(FOO_DEFINED),y)
$(warning FOO is defined)
$(warning FOO is not defined)
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Good work. Just Get It Done. –  Matt Joiner Nov 30 '10 at 2:45

It is possible, but you are going about this the wrong way. The way to include different directories is with different make targets. If your code has to know about them, use -D in your compiler switches. Alternatively, if your build needs to be able to run on other people's systems, something like autoconf is the way to go.

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