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I am bit new to Asp.net GridView, and I am facing the following problem. I have a gridview placed in an ascx. This ascx is loaded dynamically within an aspx, in its Page_Init method Control control = LoadControl("~/grid.ascx"); PlaceHolder1.Controls.Add(control);

The grid is bound to a IList (which is populated from the data access layer). I have a button field in the grid, which is used to call the delete function in DA layer for the row (performs this call in GridView1_RowCommand()).

My question is, I dont see the grid view getting refreshed after I perform the delete. I placed the code to re-read and bind data to gridview in many places, but none seems to work.

Notes: 1. The loading of ascx is done in an ajax call for the aspx 2. Delete function actually modifies the 'Status' column of 'User' to 'Deleted' which I need to see in the gridview after I do so

Can you please help me?

Edit: It seems that RowDataBound event is fired (for each row of course) after page load, and then only the button command event fire. Though I set the modified DS and DataBind on the gridview, it never fires the RowDataBound afterwards. Any idea why? Thanks in advance.


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you need to rebind the grid in GridView1_RowCommand() with the new datasource once again

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Thanks Ali for the reply. This works in a sample test I've done, but not on the application I am working on. I wonder what the difference is. It seems that no matter what I change in the datasource, the gridview displays the same. Seems it takes the values from viewstate. Wonder what the error is :( – Anuruddha Dec 1 '10 at 2:00
maybe a caching issue? – Ali Tarhini Dec 1 '10 at 6:55

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