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I have only used SQLiteOpenHelper and it's not that easy to use.

I wonder if there's an ORM similar to Django or Rails.

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If you like Django, have a look at http://www.androrm.com. The query syntax is very similar to that of Django including the table_table_table query mechanism.

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Not sure if this helps but ORMLite supports Android native database calls and provides sub classes of SQLiteOpenHelper to provide mature ORM features. I am the main author. There is a good set of Android developers which are using it successfully for their applications.


I'm not sure how it compares with Django ar Rails. It is designed to be a lightweight replacement for Hibernate or iBatis while still providing good ORM functionality. We have some example Android applications to see how it works.


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If your looking for a really simple to implement library have a look at this.


Written with ease of use as the first priority. Handles many to many relationships and saving children which most others don't seem to.

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