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I want to be able to have some text clickable like in webpages in WPF. The control should have both non-functional text (for display) both also some of its parts as completely clickable.

Say like Wikipedia.

But this is an independent standalone offline app.

I tried various things but I couldn't do it, especially the clicking doesn't function like web pages, i.e. 1 click to open the url contained within the tools.

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If you don't have a requirement that it be a full-blown FlowDocument, then you can just use a plain old WPF TextBlock, and put Hyperlinks in it.

    Here's some text with a
    <Hyperlink NavigateUri="Page2.xaml">link to another XAML page</Hyperlink>
    and a
    <Hyperlink NavigateUri="">link to the

If you need scrolling, just put a ScrollViewer around it.

If you need the paginated, multi-column viewer, then you'll need to go with an all-out FlowDocument, but if all you want is text with hyperlinks, TextBlock + Hyperlink should be all you need.

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Thanks, btw do you know the difference betwwen HyperLink and LinkLabel? –  Joan Venge Nov 30 '10 at 21:23
There are a lot of differences between them. The biggest is that one is WinForms and the other is WPF. –  Joe White Dec 2 '10 at 5:43

you should try setting the flow document manually and creating hyperlinks within the flow document...

Here is some text taken from the following link:

" Hi,

It is possible. Here is a small example of creating hyperlink to paragraph/section/table.

In order to navigate to website, we can create a Frame Control for navigation. The hierarchical relationship of elements in this example is like this :


In the code behind:

public Window1()

            // add a Frame for navigation
            Frame frame = new Frame();
            this.Content = frame;
            //add FlowDocument
            FlowDocument doc = new FlowDocument();

            //add Table
            Table table = new Table();
            doc.Blocks.Add(table );
            TableRowGroup group = new TableRowGroup();
            table.RowGroups.Add(group );

            TableColumn col1 = new TableColumn();
            TableColumn col2 = new TableColumn();
            table.Columns.Add(col1 );

            TableRow row1 = new TableRow();
            TableCell cel1 = new TableCell();


            //add Section
            Section mySection = new Section();
            //add section to the Table cell.

            Paragraph paraValue = new Paragraph();
            Hyperlink hl = new Hyperlink(new Run("Click Here to Google"));
            hl.Foreground = Brushes.Red;

            hl.FontSize = 11;
            hl .NavigateUri =new Uri ("Http://");


If you have any additional question about this,please feel free to ask.

Thanks. "

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Thanks, I was actually thinking it was gonna be something like this: –  Joan Venge Nov 30 '10 at 1:03

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