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i created a user control with a custom property in the asp.net like the following. In the aspx page that uses this user control i have something like the following. The user control is in a FormView's EditItemTemplate

<uc1:MyControl ID="c1" runat="server" CountryCode='<%# this.DropDownCountry.SelectedValue %>' Value1='<%# Bind("Value1Col") %>' />

I am trying to use the CountryCode in the Page_Load method of the user control, but the value has not be populated.

My question is at which stage in the control's life cycle does the bounded value gets populated? I tried assigning value directly like the following and it does get its value at the Page_Load method.

<uc1:MyControl ID="c1" runat="server" CountryCode="CA" Value1='<%# Bind("Value1Col") %>' />


the uc1:MyControl has the following property:

[Bindable(true, BindingDirection.TwoWay)]
public string CountryCode
    get { return _countryCode; }
    set { _countryCode = value; }
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Since you're using databinding syntax you need to call DataBind method on your control - you can add this to the Page_Load method of the aspx page like so:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
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thanks, i should have made the question more clear. The user control is actually in a FormView's EditItemTemplate. Not sure how I can DataBind the usercontrol in code-behind when it is inside the itemtemplate upon FormView's databinding event? –  Eatdoku Nov 30 '10 at 17:50
Where i have question is at which stage in the usercontrol's lifecycle I can safely use the bounded value and change them in order for the Two-Way binding to work properly. –  Eatdoku Nov 30 '10 at 17:56

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