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I'd like to generate some data using a mapreduce. I'd like to invoke the job with one parameter N, and get Map called with each integer from 1 to N, once.

Obviously I want a Mapper<IntWritable, NullWritable, <my output types>>...that's easy. But I can't figure out how to generate the input data! Is there an InputFormat I'm not seeing somewhere that lets me just pull keys + values from a collection directly?

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Do you want each mapper to process all integers from 1 to N? Or do you want to distribute the processing of integers 1 to N across the concurrently running mappers?

If the former, I believe you'll need to create a custom InputFormat. If the latter, the easiest way might be to generate a text file with integers 1 to N, each integer on one line, and use LineInputFormat.

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The latter; I thought of your solution, which should work, but it just seems so silly. Why can't I do this programmatically? – Andrew H. Hunter Nov 30 '10 at 1:29
You can do it programmatically with a custom InputFormat. You will have to implement getSplits to return InputSplits that store ranges of values, and the RecordReader will return individual values over those ranges. See… for more info. – bajafresh4life Nov 30 '10 at 3:44

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