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I have a project where in one package I have made Server and in Second Package I made Client. It is working fine. I want to create a Jar file. Is it possible to run Client and Server Separately from same jar file?

I have used jar file where there is only one main and when I run jar file, it automatically runs that class. Now here I will be having 2 executable classes. I want to pack them in only one jar and then want to run both from that same jar file. Is it possible? Any Suggestions, links will be of great help.

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The short answer is, YES!

The longer answer is that you can specify the class in your command line as well as putting the .jar in the classpath.

Assume two classes


jar them into a .jar file

jar cvf AB.jar A.class B.class

run either of them

java -classpath AB.jar A
java -classpath AB.jar B
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Assuming both your Server and Client classes have main methods, you can execute them from the command line using the following:

java -cp jarFile.jar package1.Server

java -cp jarFile.jar package2.Client

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beat me to to it..+1 – Amir Afghani Nov 30 '10 at 1:56

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