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I had upgraded to Ubuntu server 10.04 - however it removed SVK which I had been using for distributed-vc needs, as much of my old projects were still wrapped up in self-hosted subversion repositories on various servers. This was working adequately for the time being between my various systems. I decided to migrate onto Bazaar which I was already evaluating using in newer projects.

I have installed the bzr-svn plugin to allow the use of svn-import - and successfully set up repositories in /var/bzr/repos/ where all the projects were imported into their own set (using the auto-detected trunk2 layout). bzr log confirms successful importation of all the projects.

Unfortunately, several of my projects have several uncommitted changes in a working folder - these I would like to remerge back into the central /var/bzr/repos/projectname repository. I would like these to be new revisions on top of the newly imported repositories.

How should I go about this?

These working folders are i.e. /var/www/projectname/htdocs - some are on the development server, and some are on a windows laptop (which already has bazaar and subversion installed)

I have tried running bzr init and bzr merge file://var/bzr/repos/projectname/trunk - this creates a large number of conflicts; alternatively I have tried: bzr init; bzr add, and bzr merge .

In each case I have tried erasing the newly generated files from the merge - and renaming .moved files back, and committing - this has the effect of causing the revision numbers to start from 1, and running backwards to -301. Another different result was the total loss of log history when I tried to "bzr push" locally committed changes back up. Fortunately I have been able to reset and reimport the repository from the original subversion source each time.

The long route would be to simply branch/checkout into a new folder, and diff/redo the new changes over, but I would like to avoid recoding changes or running a kdiff directory merge operation.

The desired result would be to have the new changes applied onto the central /var/bzr/repos/projectname branch while preserving the revision numbers and log.

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If I understand correctly, I would: copy the .bzr dir from the branch you want to base the other changes on (mainline/main) into the workingdir with the other changes. Then you can do a bzr commit in there and push it to your mainline/main branch. Repeat for each workingtree with uncommitted changes.

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I've tried this on the working copies on the server - and this seems to work quite well. It is somewhat trickier to achieve on laptop, but presumably if I have SFTP access to the main branch this should be possible. –  Fai Dec 2 '10 at 14:57

If you havent't commited on the bzr repository, you can commit on the svn working folder (therefore placing those changes on the SVN repository), and repeat the svn-import operation with bazaar. It will only add the missing revisions.

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The svn (or rather svk) repository does not have the requisite meta data to allow committing as the server upgrade removed SVK. Thanks for the suggestion though. –  Fai Dec 2 '10 at 14:53
Then you can create a patch file from the SVN working tree, and apply it on the bzr branch with "bzr patch" –  Federico Dec 4 '10 at 12:59

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