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I'm looking for image editor with the same functionality with Paint.

It should have at least basic features like: 1. Open image file from PC. 2. Pencil Freehand Draw 3. Draw Oval or Circle 4. Draw Rectangle

This question is related with: Free Open Source In-browser image editors

But there is no accepted answer yet.

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Ajax-Image Editor is popular. Another one is Pixastic, which is JavaScript based. Then you have Canvas Paint as well.

Edit: Corrected the Pixastic link. Thanks @Kirby!

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Thanks Sujith! I think I'm going to use Pixastic. Ajax-Image Editor has a some requirent that hard for me to do, like to install imageMagick. About Canvas Paint, it's cool. It has all basic features that I mentioned above except no 1. –  Hafizul Amri Nov 30 '10 at 3:44
Great! If it served your purpose, you can accept the answer. –  crnlx Nov 30 '10 at 4:00
pixastic seems to have disappeared –  Kirby Sep 14 at 18:13


just correcting the link to pixastic library

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I recommend trying: simple and works fine.

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