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This jQuery plugin, which lets users draw rectangles in a div, works with jQueryUI 1.7.2.

I need to get it working with jQueryUI 1.8.4. From reading the widget upgrade guide, I can't work out what needs to change. I tried renaming _init() to _create(), but that didn't do anything. What else do I need to change to get it working? Thanks for reading.

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The $.widget signature changed to do the extend internally, so change this:

$.widget("ui.boxer", $.extend({}, $.ui.mouse, {

To this:

$.widget("ui.boxer", $.ui.mouse, {

And at the bottom, remove the extra ) as well, changing })); to });

Also, to get the default options, it's best to move them right inside, like this:

$.widget("ui.boxer", $.ui.mouse, {
  options: {
    appendTo: 'body',
    distance: 0
  ///rest of widget, unchanged...

Here's a sample of the updated version with only the changes above, working.

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Thanks for your help! –  ben Dec 1 '10 at 8:21

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