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Container Class / Library for C
Is there a good collection library for C-language?

In C++, you have a very useful Standard Template Library (STL) which has structures like vector, map, set...

If I am using plain C, is there any library provide similar structures/functions?


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glib is an excellent library with many data structures and useful functions. It is used heavily in the GTK+ widget toolkit.

GLib provides advanced data structures, such as memory chunks, doubly- and singly-linked lists, hash tables, dynamic strings and string utilities, such as a lexical scanner, string chunks (groups of strings), dynamic arrays, balanced binary trees, N-ary trees, quarks (a two-way association of a string and a unique integer identifier), keyed data lists, relations and tuples. Caches provide memory management.

GLib implements functions that provide threads, thread programming and related facilities such as primitive variable access, mutexes, asynchronous queues, secure memory pools, message passing and logging, hook functions (callback registering) and timers. Also message passing facilities such as byte order conversion and I/O channels.

Some other features of GLib include:

  • standard macros
  • warnings and assertions
  • dynamic loading of modules
  • a type system, GType
  • an object system, GObject


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