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How to autogenerate username and password in createuserwizard vb.net !

I want username as int data type and auto increment as 1000, 1001, 1002 and so on ...

and password for all user in random numbers ... with characters as aA123Sb

in createuserwizard complete step it will show username and password....

how to do in vb.net ?

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If I understand correctly, instead of letting the user enter the user name and password you want to create it all programmatically?

If so, I don't think you want to use CreateUserWizard since you don't need to have the actual user interface, instead I think you want to look at Membership.CreateUser.

To create the username, all you'll need to do is to remember the last username and then increment it. The password is a little bit more difficult but here's an article with a couple of suggestions for doing this: Generating Random Passwords with ASP.NET

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