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Is there a web service API that takes this type of a latex http-request:



and returns:

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See this question on the TeX StackExchange. –  Matthew Leingang Nov 30 '10 at 13:35

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ScribTeX has a CLSI API, you can send CLSI requests from any platform to compile LaTeX.

I blogged some time ago about this along with a CLSI client written in F#.

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Thanks....looks like what I was looking for –  indiehacker Jun 8 '11 at 4:26

The Common LaTeX Service Interface (CLSI) is a web service interface and implementation that exposes common LaTeX related capabilities (such as compiling LaTeX documents to different formats):


(This interface is one of the ways that latexlab.org can compile latex)

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OK thanks---so it looks like I would have to setup my own server --- i was hoping someone else setup a web service of this sort with an API and I would just focus on making UI and template forms to post .tex and recieve .pdf. Hopefully it will not be too complex to try setting up this CLSI server ...cheers –  indiehacker Jan 7 '11 at 13:56

I'm looking for the same thing and Latex Online seems to be the closest thing to what we need.

You just need to setup the server by yourself.


I've written my own little Sinatra app for this: https://github.com/codegestalt/sinatratex

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I am pretty sure you could abuse latexlab.org here.

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Fundamentally, this shouldn't be any different than a build server like you see for lots of open source projects (along the lines of Koji for example). Ultimately, you would just hook into pdflatex instead of gcc.

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Were you to be able to install software on your local server this wouldn't be too hard. Some combination of Perl / TT / latexmk along with a LaTeX system (e.g. TeXLive or MiKTeX).

I don't know about latexlab mentioned above. The closest thing I know of is http://www.tlhiv.org/ltxpreview/ , which perhaps you could wrap to do what you need (or even write a howto for your users).

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