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I made an app with ios sdk 4.0.1 but now i want to install it from xcode on ipod touch with os 4.2 but says

No provisioned iPhone OS device is connected.

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I think above method will not resolve the problem.

Follow these steps:

1) Go into Project -> Project Edit Settings

2) Set Base Sdk iOS4.2

3) Set MacOS Deployment Target : MAC OSX 10.5

4) iOS Deployment Target: iOS4.0

Thats it



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in "Edit project Setting" doesn't exist iOS 4.2 – SajjadZare Nov 30 '10 at 19:29

Open up organizer, with your device plugged in, and select it in the list on the left. Then once selected, click "Use for Development." This should fix you right up.

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If the above doesn't work (and it almost certainly should help), you might try disconnecting and reconnecting your device and or rebooting your device and/or mac.

Side note - it's good practice to always compile against the latest SDK (currently 4.2) and set your build Deployment Target to the minimum version of the OS you wish to support.

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