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my problem is when i enter the text like "XXX" and click search button it shows the record for only "XXX". but i want to show all the records of the Uppercase and also the lower case of "XXX". then i try freetext but it shows "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Freetext'".

can anyone tell me the reason......

i'm using the below code for multiple search....

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_searchdetails] 
    @customervendortype varchar(30)=Null,
    @customervendorid   varchar(30)=Null,
    @customervendorname varchar(30)=Null,
    @state              varchar(30)=Null,
    @city               varchar(30)=Null

if @customervendortype is not null and len(@customervendortype)=0 set @customervendortype = null
if @customervendorid is not null and len(@customervendorid)=0 set @customervendorid = null
if @customervendorname is not null and len(@customervendorname)=0 set @customervendorname = null
if @city is not null and len(@city)=0 set @city = null
if @state is not null and len(@state)=0 set @state = null

SELECT CustomerVendorDetails.customervendorid,CustomerVendorAddressDetails.customervendorname, CustomerVendorAddressDetails.doorno, CustomerVendorAddressDetails.street, 
CustomerVendorAddressDetails.city, CustomerVendorAddressDetails.state, CustomerVendorAddressDetails.country, 
CustomerVendorAddressDetails.pincode,  CustomerVendorDetails.decidingauthority, 
CustomerVendorDetails.landlineno1, CustomerVendorDetails.landlineno2, CustomerVendorDetails.faxno, ContactPersonDetails.contactno, 

CustomerVendorDetails INNER JOIN
CustomerVendorAddressDetails ON CustomerVendorDetails.customervendorid = CustomerVendorAddressDetails.customervendorid INNER JOIN
ContactPersonDetails ON CustomerVendorAddressDetails.customervendorid = ContactPersonDetails.customervendorid

(@customervendortype is null or CustomerVendorDetails.customervendortype like @customervendortype) and  (@customervendorid is null or CustomerVendorDetails.customervendorid like @customervendorid) and Freetext (@customervendorname is null or CustomerVendorDetails.customervendorname like @customervendorname ) and Freetext (@city is null or CustomerVendorAddressDetails.city like @city)and Freetext (@state is null or CustomerVendorAddressDetails.state like @state)

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in freetext function you needn't do some action just describe column(s) and parameters. see MSDN (second example describe variable usage)

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Please have a look at the following question:

Howto? Parameters and LIKE statement SQL

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