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I have some table name called DUAL in query list in some application. But, actually not found in the database list. What is DUAL table in Oracle? and why we use that?

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It is a dummy table with just a single column and a single row so that you can run SQL that does not really need a table at all.

select sysdate from dual;

In other databases you could just say

select 1+2+3;

but that would be a syntax error in Oracle.

The important point is that DUAL is always there, every user can access it, and it always has the same contents.

>select * from dual

If you want to break your installation in unexpected ways, you can try to put another row in there, or delete the one row. Many internal scripts and procedures will start to fail. (on the latest Oracle versions, the client and server software knows that DUAL is not a real table and optimizes it away, so maybe it is not so spectacular anymore).

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