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I have a screen in my project " Enquiry" where I user can perform 2 kinds of search.I cannot figure out how to do a "like" or "And or is null" in Linq to entity.

  1. Simple Search ( Search in all fields using "Like" operator)
  2. Advanced Advanced Search (Use "And" Operator)

So lets take these 3 tables and make up a noddy example.

  1. Customer Table (CustomerID,Name,Surname)
  2. Address(AddressID,Street,City)
  3. CustomerOrder (OrderID,OrderName)

Basic search : this is how I would do it in Sql

  SELECT TOP (100) C.Name,C.Surname,CA.Street,CA.City,CO.OrderName
  FROM Customer C 
  LEFT JOIN CustomerAddress CA ON C.CustomerID=CA.CustomerID
  LEFT JOIN CustomerOrders CO ON C.CustomerID=CA.CustomerID   
  WHERE  (C.CustomerID LIKE '%' + @SearchText + '%'  
  OR C.Surname LIKE '%' + @SearchText + '%' 
  OR C.Name LIKE '%' + @SearchText + '%'        
  OR CA.Street LIKE '%' + @SearchText + '%'
  OR CA.City LIKE '%' + @SearchText + '%'
  OR  CO.OrderName LIKE '%' + @SearchText + '%') )

Advanced Search

This my sql where clause

    WHERE  (C.CustomerID =@CustomerID or @CustomerID ISNULL  
    AND C.Surname =@Surname or @Surname ISNULL
    AND C.Name=@Name or @Name ISNULL        
    AND CA.Street =@Street or @Street ISNULL
    AND CA.City =@City or @City ISNULL
    AND  CO.OrderName =@OrderName or @OrderName ISNULL)
    AND ((ModifiedDate BETWEEN ISNULL(convert(varchar,@FromDate,101),'01/01/1901')
    AND ISNULL(convert(varchar,@ToDate,101),'12/31/9999'))

How do you do Likes or and or is null in entity framework?

thanks a lot!

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For LIKE, you can use Contains, StartsWith, or EndsWith. For IS NULL, use == null.


var list = from p in Products
           where (p.Description.Contains("v") && p.Description.StartsWith("C"))
                    || p.MFRCode == "TOYOTA"
                    || p.Universal == null                   
           select p;

will cause EF to generate this SQL:

[Extent1].[MFRCode] AS [MFRCode], 
[Extent1].[MFRProductID] AS [MFRProductID], 
[Extent1].[Universal] AS [Universal], 
[Extent1].[Description] AS [Description]
FROM [dbo].[Products] AS [Extent1]
WHERE (([Extent1].[Description] LIKE N'%v%') AND ([Extent1].[Description] LIKE N'C%')) OR (N'TOYOTA' = [Extent1].[MFRCode]) OR ([Extent1].[Universal] IS NULL)

and produce these results:

alt text


I used LINQPad to generate these results. It's a great tool, free to use (there's an option to purchase an Intellisense feature), and definitely worth a look if you'd like to experiment with different LINQ queries and see the SQL that EF is generating (it's good for general LINQ experimentation and quickly trying out simple code as well).

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thanks a lot for your reply.Managed to make it nearly all work.I have a problem in creating a "Like" with integer.Do I need to do something like "SqlFunctions.StringConvert((double)c.CustomerID)).Contains("12") .but the sql output is nothing like c.CustomerID LIKE '%' + @SearchText + '%' I get WHERE (STR( CAST( [Extent2].[CustomerID] AS float)) LIKE N'%1%') – user9969 Nov 30 '10 at 16:49
@user231465, I just tried using SqlFunctions.StringConvert, and I get the correct results. The sql that EF produces in this case is not as simple as what you would code by hand. It casts to float, then to string using the STR function, then does the LIKE comparison. For some reason, there is no overload for StringConvert that takes an int, so the (double)c.CustomerID is the reason for the cast to float. Also, I assume .Contains("12") resulted in LIKE N'%12%' in your comment, not LIKE N'%1%. – Jeff Ogata Nov 30 '10 at 23:57
is there anywhere an example how to do "AND OR SYNTAX" eg " AND CA.City =@City or @City ISNULL " thanks – user9969 Dec 1 '10 at 5:28
@user231465, you would just use the C# logical operators, && and ||. See the example in my answer and the sql that was generated in the where clause. – Jeff Ogata Dec 1 '10 at 16:37
@adrift. Thanks for your reply.but I have used the logical operators for And or but the EF did not produce the syntaxt I was expecting the "or @City is null" was missing .mmm – user9969 Dec 2 '10 at 11:39
int? customerID = null;
string surname = "abc";

var q = from c in oc.Customers
  where (customerID == null || c.CustomerID == customerID)
    && (surname == null || c.Surname == surname)
  select c;
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hi,thanks for your reply.the query above does not seem to produce a and or conditional clause eg "AND CA.City =@City or @City ISNULL ".Any ideas – user9969 Nov 30 '10 at 18:22

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