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Assuming an IMouvement Object which contains some subobjects like ITache, IStockPalette.

public interface IMouvement : IObjectBase<Guid>
        ITache Tache { get; set; }
        IStockPalette StockPalOrigine { get; set; }

How can I Mock this using Rhino Mocks ?

Assuming this test, what's wrong with this ?

public void Can_Validate_EmplacementTransitoireRule()
    var mocks = new MockRepository();
    var mouvement = mocks.StrictMock<IMouvement>();
    var manager = mocks.StrictMock<ValidationManager>();

    mouvement.Tache = mocks.StrictMock<ITache>();
    mouvement.StockPalOrigine = mocks.StrictMock<IStockPalette>();
    mouvement.ID = Guid.NewGuid();

    var rule = new EmplacementTransitoireRule(mouvement);



    var all = manager.ValidateAll();



this Test always fails ..

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Typically I would set up expectations on the mock objects instead of merely assigning their properties.

 Tache tache = mocks.StrictMock<Tache>();
 Expect.Call( mouvement.Tache ).Return( tache );

Also, you may want to use the AAA (Arrange-Act-Assert) syntax for RhinoMocks -- I believe that StrictMock has been deprecated.

 Mouvement mouvement = MockRepository.GenerateMock<Mouvement>();
 Tache tache = MockRepository.GenerateMock<Tache>();

 mouvement.Expect( m => m.Tache ).Return( tache );
 tache.Expect( t => t.Value ).Return( 100 );  // or whatever

 ... test code...

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Ok I just tried that, but now i'm facing with another problem. I needed to Except results from a protected method can i use the InternalsVisibleTo Assembly Attribute in order to get this working with rhino mocks ? –  Yoann. B Jan 10 '09 at 16:09

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