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I am trying to run a project in c++ using visual studio 2008... in vc++ . Now I have a sample project which takes care of the additional included libraries and some other settings... I want to import these settings into my new project. I tried to save the settings of sample project and include them in mine. But I can't see those properties in my new project. for eg. sample project displays the linker->input->additional dependencies as cv210d.lib cvaux210d.lib highgui210d.lib cxcore210d.lib cvblobslib.lib but the same thing in my new project shows blank... CAn you please give me the steps for linking properties?? What I did was save the property page and then added existing property page in my new project.. That doesn't help

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Perhaps those links answer your question:… – nabulke Nov 30 '10 at 7:50

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This is maybe not exactly what you wanted, but you can fix this problem by just copying the stuff you want (cv210d.lib cvaux210d.lib highgui210d.lib cxcore210d.lib cvblobslib.lib) into the blank space in your project. It's editable, you know what should be there, so just go ahead and put it there.

I guess this will only solve one problem (link dependencies) and you want to solve all such problems by importing. How to do the latter i don't know.

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